Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Come In!

Since it is the centre of My World I'll now put it on show,
For I think ours is the dearest house and, well, I ought to know.
The Real Estate Agent showed it and I knew that it was mine.
From the moment I entered in the door I put up a 'My House' sign!
I immediately named it! 'Summerset' it's called.
(My own spelling of 'Somerset'; locals would be appalled!)
I wanted a very English name, for England's where I'm from,
But I didn't want to be too brash and shout out 'I'm a Pom!'
It's only a town-house really, with a very small back yard,
But if wanted anything better I'd have to search very hard!
There are two features in this photo that  mean felicity;
First, there's the angle of the stairs; I like the geometry.
The window on the landing makes patterns from the light,
And the shadows thrown on the walls at dusk, make a really charming sight.
Then there's the doorway to my left, which you only partly see.
That very normal-looking door means all the world to me!
For it leads to the hugest cupboard; it goes under the stairs as well,
And it will take a year to clear if ever we think to sell!
It's a fantastic dumping-ground for all those bits and bobs;
Those 'what-shall-we-do-with-this-things' and rough, half-finished jobs!
I'm a tidy housewife, but deceitful I confess;
Everything looks spick-and-span but the cupboard! What a mess!
So thank you for visit.( I'm glad you brought your spouse!)
I've been happy to show you a corner of my house.

What's within reach here:


Margaret Gosden said...

It would be nice if your URL given on this new blog took bloggers straight into your house, or am I asking too much! It looks very elegant, never mind the cupboard under the stairs! (My daughter would want to throw the lot out!). I can see how the plate made for you by your mother is ideally hung in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful house!
Visit my world @Now and Then

Kat said...

Had to read the poem twice...

at first got carried away reading the home details...

and then read it again, for the rhythm-of-the-poem..!!!

Grinning to know you named the home Summerset.

The Real Estate Agent showed it and I knew that it was mine. I too share this intuition.

p.s. my wife doesn't :)))