Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love in Bloom

This picture should be one of those 'scratch' ones where you get an aroma!

Easy Street Prompts
The Good Old Days!


'Doesn't she look a picture! Don't you just love that bouquet!
That Baby's Breath looks fabulous when it's in a spray!
The colours blend so charmingly! I do love the tradition!
And doesn't it look fresh and green! In beautiful condition!
The florist must have worked on it for hours and hours and hours!
There's nothing quite as lovely as a young bride and her flowers!'
And so the conversations go, up and down the aisle,
And I must admit I give a rather sneaky little smile!
You  see, I know the history of brides and their bouquets!
Come, turn your minds back, way, way back, to very early days ..........
They say in the Middle Ages, taking a bath was rare.
No-one washed in Winter, because of the icy air.
Imagine what they smelt like when the Springtime came around!
Imagine all the lice and bugs that on their skin were found!
Imagine all the smells ...... no don't! It's beyond imagination!
A 'close encounter' would be foul, involving hesitation!
So everybody bathed in May; they all felt fresh and clean,
And May was the month for the Maypole Dance upon the village green.
The young men fell for fresh young girls who smelt, I'm sure, like roses.
Togetherness resulted, with no need to hold their noses.
Now June was the month of weddings, but by then things were going wrong;
Without a doubt, by month's end, there was a certain 'pong'.
So, when it came to the nuptials, and the smell was overpowering,
Young ladies picked sweet-smelling blooms, whatever might be flowering.
They held the flowers like a shield, their nasty smells disguising.
(Of course, the young men smelt the same which isn't too surprising!)
So there's nothing too romantic about that sweet bouquet!
But don't tell the next bride that you meet!
There might be hell to pay!

A more romatic view of weddings here:


Anonymous said...

Yuk - I will never see a bridal bouquet without thinking of this again!

Kat said...

ha ha.... probably the reason deodorants and perfumes are doing good business.!!!