Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unusual Underwear!


I know you've all been waiting for this brash, bold expostion
On something very basic to humanity's condition.
Though nudity can be quite sweet on a slim and lissome figure
Underwear is suitable for the fatter and the bigger.
In fact, it's quite alluring when adorned and looking lacy,
And sometimes, on the right physique the effect can be quite racy!
Enough of that! I'm here to give a treatise on its history,
Not to allude to sex-appeal, which is something of a mystery!
Behold a lady athlete in the dim and distant days
Wearing a strophium round her chest, warding off the public gaze.
Yes, I know it looks just like a bra! Well, it was just the same.
But I have it on the best advice; strophium was its name.
In the eighteen-hundreds, so they say, the ladies favoured stays,
Which did the most alarming things to their shapes in many ways.
You can see how painful it all was  in this very vivid painting. 
And special rooms were set-aside for ladies who kept fainting!

Next came a 'healthy' model, which had much more subtle boning,
Doing away with all the straining and agony and groaning.
The nether garments had a flap that buttoned-up discretely,
So 'all was safely gathered in' and hidden-away quite neatly.

Life became much more relaxed and camisoles appeared,
'French Knickers' pranced upon the scene and everybody cheered!
Suspender belts were all the rage, showing a glimpse of thigh,
And bit by bit we ladies learned we shouldn't be so shy!

And now we come to modern times when it seems the thong is worn!
No doubt Victorian ladies would have treated it with scorn!
There's nothing left to take off! Has fashion reached its peak?
Maybe, dear friends, the time has come to turn the other cheek!

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Tumblewords: said...

Ohmigosh, I got such a kick out of this! U are great!

Hildred said...

Marvelous! And very witty. Thank you for such an entertaining post.

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED! OK, I'm not. One of the most enjoyable U posts I've seen.

Gordon said...

Very enlightening; I know very little of these things!!! A delightful and entertaining post.

Jay said...

Bravo! A history lesson and cheeky rhyme in one!

Bradley Hsi said...

I like the first photo and caption. Well, I like the last one too. Ever wonder how can the fashion designers can still put fashion design on such small thing.

Rune Eide said...

Underwear as it has never been treated before - marvellously! I thinl we men have lost something ;-)

Joy said...

Love the pictures and the rhyme
Can always rely on your witty last line.

Kat said...

I think I'll vote for the "18th Century product" Ooops, I hope none of my friends see what I'm voting for :))))

The last line of yours had me in splits.... very 'cheeky' :-D