Thursday, June 25, 2009



I certainly don't want to trivialise the terrible wild-life accidents that occur in Australia, but I do want to emphasise that these are not part of 'yer average Aussie's' everyday life!


Come to Australia! Don't be scared!
All our nasties should be shared!
Crocodiles, jaws open wide
Asking you to step inside!
Sharks from the deep sea far beneath
With all their rows of gnashing teeth!
Spiders lurking in your joggers.
(On the look-out for fat Bloggers!)
Snakes, a-slither, fangs at the ready.
Enough to make you feel unsteady!
Jelly-fish that look quite sweet
But watch-out when they sting your feet!
Tasmanian Devils, so well-named.
Feeling scared? You can't be blamed!
Cane-toads with the reputation
Of taking-over half the nation!
Then there are bush-fires, floods and storms,
Not to mention flies in swarms!
Well.....I've been here for forty years,
Arriving with the usual fears.
A Redback Spider, under a stone,
Looking harmless, all alone,
Is all I've seen of the Fearsome Foe!
(And that was twenty years ago!)
Down came the stone! His life was done!
And I've never seen another one!
My life Down Under has been bliss.
I admit I have heard one snake hiss
But that was in a Reptile Park.
And I've never ever seen a shark!
My part of Australia is green and gentle,
Nothing frightening or elemental.
Come for a holiday! Give us a try!
(Though you may meet the occasional fly!)

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