Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Go the Maroons!

(As far away as possible!)

If I were back in England and I ever said 'maroon'
I would always have to say the word as rhyming with 'baboon',
But, as I'm in Australia, I have become quite prone
To say 'maroon' as rhyming with 'alone'!
Maroon is a sporting colour, to do with rugby games,
Where grown men fight like tigers and call each other names.
I've never seen a rugby game, I'd find it very rough,
But others simply cannot get enough!
Maroon's the colour of Queensland (our New South Wales is blue)
And when it's State of Origin there's a lot of ballyhoo!
My son-in-law played Rugby and he thinks I'm rather strange
Disliking it, but I know I wont change!
I'm asked which team I follow and I always answer 'none',
And then I'm thought of as a person others ought to shun!
So I sometimes wish I wasn't so unusual because
It's hard to be unsporty when in Oz.
A sport I really enjoy here:


Darlene said...

I am not a sport fan so I clicked on your link to a sport you like and found your Acrostic award. Congratulations.

I don't know how you can write so many rhymes; you really have a gift.

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Hi there!

Do find it interesting re the different pronouciation - English continues to evolve.
Am not very sporty my-self, but actually enjoy watching Rugby, so happy say 'Go Maroons Go!

Sorry, you get frustrated re listing your valued entry re TCT.
Blogger isn't helping me either @ mo.
Am going to have to re think my posting stragegy!!!
I don't want to go the Mr Linky route as the highest % of players belonging to the DWB [Dog with Blog] community & won't sign in anyway.
I want casual fun, no pressure to visit, just post to please yourself & regular readers.

I have toyed with the idea of moving my blog & using the site for a TCT blog only one.
Suggestions/Thoughts are welcome, if you feel so inclined?

Best wishes

Kat said...

Every woman/man has his sport
And you have yours too "Wow" :)))