Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heat Mist.

I cannot read the name of the artist who painted this wonderful picture, but I remember that he was Scandinavian. Somehow, the very summery scene is enhanced by the fact that the Northern winter will be harsh. I usually wait for a meme, but this painting grabbed me and demanded a poem. I think it's lovely.

Waking, I saw the mist begin to lift.
Rising, I felt the promise of the heat.
This dawn would be, for me, the perfect gift,
Cool and yet mellow, earthy, yet so sweet.
I knelt down in the damp and dewy grass;
I delved into the soft soil with my hand.
Summer, I knew, would, one day, fade and pass,
Another dawning might be dull and bland.
But Nature had bestowed on me a day,
Of such perfection that the earth and I were one.
The mist would die and softly fade away,
And leave us to the mercy of the sun,
But, for the moment, all around was bliss.
The orchard would bear fruits to prove that I
Tended the trees on such a day as this
When mist and melting heat met in my sky.
More bliss here:


Jinksy said...

Mmm, poem and picture hand in hand - what a joyous union.

California Girl said...

Lovely painting

Lovely thoughts

Margaret Gosden said...

I am not familiar with Scandinavian artists - one can almost read the signature when it is enlarged! A very nice painting and poem to go with it.

Kat said...

Of such perfection that the earth and I were one.

A touching line. Loved it.

Carol said...

Lovely to see and to read your words... the painting's misty landscape invites the viewer to walk beyond the woman and into the cool wetness and mystery hidden before the large house... a place that one could feel as you say one with nature.