Friday, June 12, 2009

Lilac Lullaby

My friend, Margaret
published this photograph on Skywatch.

I loved its delicacy.


After a bright and brilliant day
The mystic moonlight now holds sway
And what more gentle than this scene,
Merely a sequel to what has been.....
The hot and fiery sun has settled
Into a scene quite silver-metalled.
A hint of lilac in the sky,
A drift of white clouds passing by,
A moon that doesn't fight to be
More beautiful than sky and sea.
Not like the sun which shouts and bellows
Spurning all thought of milds and mellows.
Red sunsets hint at fire and fun;
This night will be a peaceful one.

More praise for the muted here:


BPOTW said...

Lovely poem! And you picked a perfect photo to post with it.

Margaret Gosden said...

A subtile, poetic interpretation, of what is happening off stage perhaps! How interesting, on reflection. I shall sleep well tonight! Thank you.

Eric(NL) said...

Love the shining in the Water, nice, well done!!!

Have a nice Skywatch Friday

Angie said...

Very peaceful, thank you. have a good W/E.

Kat said...

You've sold that colour thought to me..... planning to paint one of the walls in my new home, with that colour :)))