Monday, June 22, 2009

Knowing the Drill.

We've all heard about Policemen becoming younger! Here's variation!


I lay there in the dentist's chair
 Looking up into his face.
It was, somehow, quite familiar,
 But one I couldn't place.
He was well-past middle-age,
 Bespectacled, grey haired,
A little bald, a little plump……
On and on I stared.
So intrigued was I by him
 That I scarcely felt the drill.
And when the work was done I found
 I scrutinised him still.
His mask was off and so I saw
His wrinkles and his lines;
He had a few whiskers in his ears,
One of males' aging signs.
Whom did I know of such an age?
 Where could we two have met?
Was he an old friend's husband
 I'd happened to forget?
'I think we know each other'
 I finally blurted out.
' Oh yes! We know each other', he said
 'Without a doubt.
Don't you remember me from school?'
 And I replied 'Ah yes!
We must have taught together
 At Johnson Street I guess.'
I asked him why he changed careers…….
A moment seemed to pass.
Then he said 'I'm Billy Brown;
I was in your class!'

Another unwise consultation here:


Anonymous said...

'Tis indeed a small world! That reminds me...I've a broken tooth that needs tending to, GAH!

Patty said...

Oh, that shattered her ego didn't it.

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed that! (Here for OSI, assimilation. Please let me know if I came to the wrong place.)

Dee Martin said...

Oh my, don't you hate when that happens LOL. I never come here that I don't get a chuckle!

Carry On Tuesday #5 and SS #168

quin browne said...


quilly said...

LOL! I ran in to a former classmate (literally) at a gas station door. I recognized him with much joy and commented that one of the things about him which always sttod out in my mind were his impeccable manners. I meant that as a compliment because he was taking responsibility for my haste and inattention. Instead, he looked quite embarrassed and reached up slowly and took off his hat (in the presence of a lady) and revealed a shiny bald head.

For one in my life I remained calm and composed and did not manage to reveal my surprise. I just kept right on asking about his parents as if I didn't notice his head full of wavy brown hair had gone awol.

Kat said...

Its so obvious.

You've not changed much from then - hence Billy recognised you..!!!