Monday, June 15, 2009

Short Sharp Shower!

                                                                                          Rob Howe



Thunder departing;
Rolling back toward the shrouded mountains.
There, the rain still falls.
Like a retreating army, drums beating,
The sound wains and wains,
Finally waining goodbye,
To bunker down
Beyond the mountains.

Which were beaten into submission
By the wild rain,
Lift their heads.

Not so long ago they were wilting
In the heat,
Petals browning,
Leaves shriveling
Stamens bent and listless.

Then came the first brutal drops.
Flower-heads were knocked sideways,
Jerking back
Only to be struck again.

This was no Floral Dance;
There was no swaying in unison,
Bending to a grand design
Or lifting faces to the rain.

This was a rout,
A defeat,
A jerky,
Branch-bashing assault.
Surely they could not survive!

But... miracle!
Already they lift their heads,
Beaded and shimmering.

Life has become tropical.
Imaginary palm-trees sprout before our eyes.
The air is humid.
Our little garden
Has moved to the Equator!
Are we inside, viewing it?
Are we outside, breathing it?

Very soon this will be
Just another fresh, green suburban garden,
With flowers bobbing neatly in a row.

But, for a while,
Let us enjoy
The sultry, surreal sensation
That follows the shower.

A more disastrous storm here:


quilly said...

Every night I drag the hoses around and water my flowers. Every night, within an hour, it has rained. So, last night, I figured, "Why bother?" and of course, no rain. [shakes head]

Patty said...

You must be having the weather we've been having all week. Glad I didn't have to walk the granddaughter to the bus, glad school is out for now. I think it has rained every morning this past week, plus Sat. and twice today. Along with some thunder and crashing sounds. We haven't had this much rain since I don't know when.

Delwyn said...


this sounds like a typical Qld down pour...

I love the theatrics of a good storm... and we are fortunate to be on sand so rarely do we get flooding.

Happy Days

Dee Martin said...

I love both but the Berry Poem is adorable!

Kat said...

a simple shower....
loved the unfoldong drama - right from Thunder departing;