Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shadow Show-Off


What constitutes a show-off? I should know, for I am one.
Why do I find centre-stage the most enormous fun?
I'd like to be a modest sort of person, yes I would.
To be valued for my modesty would be, I'm certain, good.
But every time an audience is waiting for a joke
I get all sort of hyped-up, not at all like normal folk!
The adrenalyn starts pumping and I go right overboard,
Sometimes (this has happened) I may fall on my own sword!
Then I start getting silly and everybody groans!
Thankfully, up to this date, they haven't pelted stones!
When I meet another show-off I find I'm not attracted,
I find myself embarrassed by the silly way they've acted.
I there and then make up my mind to be much more controlled
No longer brash and silly, egotistical and bold.
But the urge to have an audience just will not be gainsaid
Although , these days, I draw the line at standing on my head!
This is a Shadow picture, but of course I'm in it too.
I'm the lady in the cardboard hat just doing what I do.
But at least I'm in the shadows trying hard to disappear.
Does that mean I grow more modest?
I'm sorry folks!
No fear!

If you're looking for modesty you'll find it here:


Valerie said...

Great! I wish I was a show-off instead of full of fear. I know about silliness though, I discover as I go that a silly adlib or two is the only thing that gets me through.

Margaret Gosden said...

None the less, a great picture. Black suits you. Next thing you will be doing is a take on Marlene Deitrich. I know you have imitated actors ljke Joyce Grenfel. Probably others?

Kat said...

a very modest take about yourself...!!!

Am sure if another photo of the audience was published, they must be in roaring in laughter at your sense of humour.