Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cozy Cosies

The British influence still lingers at the Olive Tree Markets!


Gone are the days of summer and sipping lemonade;
Gone are the days of sun-tan cream and sheltering in the shade.
There's a touch of chill in the breezes that blow in from the sea.
What better time to warm our toes and have a cup of tea?
'Put the jug on, Mary!' that's the evening cry!
And here are some tea-cosies for everyone to buy.
Of every form and colour they're spread out on the stall;
Brilliant, bright and colourful! I'd like to buy them all!
A tea-bag is convenient; it really hits the spot,
But for a good old-fashioned drink there's nothing like a pot.
And a pot needs a little jacket in view of the second cup.
Let's cling to the British tradition!
And drink up!

An unsuccessful tea-party here:


quilly said...

Now I am mourning my white china tea pot and my lovely daisy cozy, left on the other side of the ocean when I moved, because they were too delicate to mail. They were my friends through 10 long winters. Now I am in a land where winter never comes, but my heart misses their comfort. Thanks for the memory.

linda may said...

Aren't they gorgeous! I want one.
A cuppa brewed in a pot sounds like a bloody good idea right now. Bye.

Kat said...

ha ha... it was only on the second day (when I was in China) I came to know they had been serving tea, during the meetings..!!!

a lady used to pour hot water and drop couple of leaves inside a pot.... and all along I was thinking that it was a herbal tonic :)))