Tuesday, June 16, 2009


published a series of delightful photographs.
Here are two of them.


'You must seek among the branches' said Ma Squirrel to her son
'Or look-out for little acorns on the ground.
Tiny creatures such as we are
Need to know where things for tea are
And on the forest floor they can be found.
You must scratch down deep in the undergrowth , you know,
And that is why you have such useful claws,
With your little tail erect
You are certain to collect
Some quite delicious morsels in your paws.'
But Greybeard was a squirrel with a very wayward mind
And a nose that was ideally made for smelling.
He found a garbage bin
And he hurried to climb in
And what he thought to find there there's no telling!
Now inside there were some cartons with MacDonalds written large
And a great aroma of discarded chips
And he snickered with delight
As he took a little bite
And he licked his very rodent-looking lips.
'Who needs acorns?' squeaked young Greybeard, wiping whiskers with a paw,
'Though Mama may think this eating is a sin,
Trees from little acorns grow,
But now at last I know
Something better grows inside a garbage bin!'
Inside Job!
Some more fun with little creatures here:


Jinksy said...

How to recycle? :)

quilly said...

Poor little Greybeard best go have his cholesterol checked!

anthonynorth said...

They'll be doing McSquirrel next.

Anonymous said...

Graybeard is a perfect name for American Squirrel - I grew up in Bulgaria and our squirrels were all orange-brown colored - here in the USA they are all gray. Thank you so much for the poem - I have no clue how to write anything similar even in my native language. I posted a link to your poem on my post. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Hootin Anni said...

Now this was a great added bonus to the hunt. Great poem.

This week's theme will be quite interesting to see what everyone came up with for their photos. Yours, my friend, is excellent actually!!! Mine is posted, come on over to my blog, if you can...

Have a great Saturday.

srp said...

I think this is just the cutest capture of the squirrel! Great poem too. My construction trash or garbage is up.

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Cute l'il ole skoil!

Kat said...

I really liked anthonynorth comment..!!!! McSquirrel

Stan Ski said...

Ah, junk food - don't you just love it...?

Old Egg said...

Your delicious morsels are certainly not wasted on us squirrels. Another delightful piece to savour and enjoy.

Lilibeth said...

I loved the tidbits of poetry...so mouse like and snuffly. These were great.

Dee Martin said...

oh this is such a treat! We love to watch the squirrels in our back yard and you have captured their personality so well here.

PS I too loved anthony's comment - McSquirrel indeed LOL