Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wasted Effort!


asks for a VERY short story


A ginger cat
Said 'What is that?
It looks just like an egg!
I'll roll it and catch it!
And I'll  warm and hatch it!
By standing on one leg!'
(140 characters)


Four pink hats among the others,
Worn by all the giddy grandmothers!
Here's our Choir, decked out for the day,
Waiting for Lois to sit and play.
She's our pianist, on the right,
She bosses, and we put up a fight.
Pam, on the left, in a hat of gold,
Also says 'Do as you're told.'
But the older we get, the worse we are.
Sometimes she says we go too far!
We'd no idea life would be fun
When it was nearly over and done!
A happy photo, don't you think!
And all of us are In The Pink!

We had a great day yesterday. My Melodrama group met to discuss our next play, which is to be a 'cavalcade' version of the history of our town, Newcastle in New South Wales. It's a tongue-in-cheek look at the history with a fair bit of humour and song in it. I call it 'Taking Liberties' because I've certainly taken liberties with history, and the convict women, who are the chief characters, also had their liberties taken away. It will be quite a challenge as there are more scene and costume changes than we normally undertake. We're hunting round for a hall which has two stage entrances and doesn't cost too much!

We met at Roslyn's house, which is very large and overlooks the sea and Ros herself was a wonderful hostess. We had chicken, salad, home-made ice-cream and champagne to sustain us. Here are some of us at the table.

Bev, Pam Morrison, Ros, Betty and Shirley.
Yvonne, Loretta and Pam Boyd.
A rather strange picture of me! Ros frequently has bone problems and so she and her husband have installed a rather grand lift in their house, for future years. Hopefully, they'll never have to use it! But it was the centre of interest when we first arrived yesterday. I enjoyed my ride. As I'm pointing to heaven I may save this picture for my funeral! Just joking!

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Jenny said...

I love that you have a melodrama group! What a fun outing...and your ginger cat rhyme was perfect!