Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baking Bathos

gave us the first line


Cream together butter and sugar
Then add eggs and beat;
The mixture will be thick and creamy
As well as very sweet.
Picture all the people seated
Waiting for a taste;
This will be a great creation
And none will go to waste.
Imagine all the heartfelt praises
To be heaped in your direction!
See it iced and trimmed with roses!
A picture of perfection.
Heat the oven, add ingredients,
Beat and stir some more,
Then trip over crossing the kitchen
And spill it on the floor!


What makes you grin in the bathroom?
Is it the sight of your naked self,
Poised to take potions and lotions
Down from the bathroom shelf?
When your clothes are all of a jumble,
Lying creased on the bathroom floor,
And you're standing pink and vulnerable,
Do you wish for less or more?
How many of us smile with pleasure?
How many of us love the view?
Instead of 'Hallelujah!'
How many of us cry 'Boo Hoo!'?
Not a grin but a wince of displeasure
Greets my bathroom pose.
All I can say is 'Thank goodness
Somebody invented clothes!'


anitamombanita said...

Great twist at the end. What a fun rhyme!

Judie said...

BB, you are a poetic genius! The first poem sounds just like something I would do, and the second? Every time I take off my clothes to take a shower, I seriously think about becoming my own plastic surgeon--taking a hunk here, another one there. Ah, well! Rod doesn't complain, so I should be grateful!


Ames said...

How cute. Unfortunately looking at my naked body makes me want to cry.~Ames

Anonymous said...

Those are fun

Jo said...

Fabulous!!! you gave me some wonderful laughter, before the thought of looking at my own naked body of course!

rmannell said...

Not only fulfilling the prompt, the verse was very entertaining to read. :)

Unknown said...


Anna's SC wk 106 - Baking with...

Jenny said...

Oh less, my dear.

Always wishing for less, less, less...

Probably that would be a more successful dream if I didn't LOVE creaming together butter and sugar to make delicious albeit non-slimming things.

Loved both your poems here.