Sunday, May 27, 2012

Davy Jones's Locker

The Wordle


asks us to use the words in the Wordle


When did you die, Davy Jones?
Are you safe in your locker down there?
Do the barnacles cling to your bones?
Has the seaweed replaced your brown hair!
Do you lie in a watery cocoon
The rough chalk of your bed causing pain?
Do you long for the sun and the moon
Which you'll never be seeing again?
Your skeleton's brittle and bleached,
Your tongue, long ago, ceased to be,
Some others were drenched and then beached,
But you were consigned to the sea.
The flinty rocks scrape as you're tossed
Back and forth in the underground waves .
The burnished fish find that they're lost
In the dead sailors' myriad graves.
And is life austere, Davy Jones?
Or are you just gently asleep?
The sound of the fog-horn still moans
But is it a blur in the deep?
Merewether Leagues Club


The ballroom's ready in daffodil yellow.
They say the groom is a lucky fellow.
The bride is dressed in elegant white;
The people say 'What a lovely sight!'
Yes, the room is ready, but is the bride?
Marriage can bring a bumpy ride!
Yes, the cake is ready, but is the groom?
He'll turn into a husband in that room!
To give and take are both of them ready?
And, most of all, are they truly steady?
Or are they bowled over by True Romance.....
The hug, the kiss, the lingering glance?
The promises to be ever loyal
Even when passion goes off the boil?
Are they steady enough for smelly socks,
And other, more disastrous shocks?
How will they feel when all words are said,
And the Universe doesn't reside in bed?
If they're Ready and Steady then I say 'Go!'
To Juliet and her Romeo.
But yellow ribbons don't represent life,
As they'll discover as man and wife!


vivinfrance said...

Lovely wordle - if a little macabre! Your wedding poem shows your wisdom.

Mary said...

I enjoyed this very much. You managed to use the words to tell a fascinating tale of the sea!

Traci B said...

Two excellent poems. Your use of the wordle was sublime; if you hadn't highlighted the words, they would have disappeared into the poem and I'd have forgotten I was reading a wordle.

The wedding poem is great too; it humorously and eloquently expresses what every newlywed or about-to-be-married couple needs to remember.

Jules said...

While I did indeed enjoy Davy Jones's Locker - I laughed out loud at your wedding poem. Especially since 'smelly dirty socks' are a big joke at my home. I can't seem to find the time to visit everyone every time. You words are well wordled and joyful.
My offering is here:

Unknown said...

This is quite excellent.
Fascinating use of the words, I found this pretty fun and joyful even though it was a little dark.
Nice one.