Monday, May 21, 2012

Guilty Conscience

      Norman Rockwell



I didn't mean to do it
And that's the honest truth!
I threw a stone and he bit on it
And now he's a broken tooth.
I always throw a ball for him
Whenever he barks 'Please!',
But then I threw this little rock
Just for a little tease.
And 'Crunch!' he went and 'Yow!' he went
And he whimpered all night long,
And Mummy said that I had done
Something completely wrong.
So Bingo's feeling mad at me,
And Bingo's all I've got.
My conscience really does.
My conscience hurts a lot.
Picasso: Girl Before a Mirror


Sometimes I look in the mirror
And I like what I can see.
A smiling, bright, attractive person
Smiles right back at me.
Sometimes I look in the mirror
And I see a sad old hag,
Whose face is full of wrinkles
Like a crumpled paper bag.
Sometimes I see a credit face,
Sometimes a debit vision.
Sometimes I view myself with glee,
And sometimes with derision.
I rarely look in the mirror 
And see my averageness.....
A plain but pleasant lady....
No more,
No less.


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