Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Do not mourn too much
Life is a celebration
Even when it ends


I've never been a commuter,
For which I thank my lucky stars!
I've never driven nose-to-tail
Behind a thousand cars.
So I can look at this photograph
And think to  myself 'How pretty!
The lights resemble a neckace
As they travel from the city!
All those shining yellow jewels,
Threaded on a chain!
So much more attractive
Than traveling by train!
And doesn't the snow enhance them!
They're really picturesque!
Worth the journey into town
And working  behind a desk!'
But, if I were a commuter,
Those might not be my thoughts!
I'd have many other views
Of many different sorts!
'Shes going to be really acid
If I'm home late again!'
'Drat! I'd be doing better
If I'd chosen a different lane!'
God! This seat's uncomfortable!
My bum has gone to sleep!'
'If that chap in front slows down
 I'll give him a loud beep!'
'I'm feeling lots of aches and pains
In parts I dare not mention!'
'Oh my aching neck again!
They say it's caused by tension!'
'I've got pins and needles!
I need to get out and stamp!'
'It drizzled as I walked from work;
Now my jacket's really damp!'
'I'm ravenously hungry!
I'm longing for my tea!'
'Hours and hours and hours and hours
And I'm desperate for a pee!'
I've never been a commuter,
For which I thank my lucky stars!
I think I'd rather catch a spaceship
And head off out to Mars!'


Gemma Wiseman said...

A great "yin and yang" perspective of commuting! A great example of how appearances may deceive! And love your "twist" on celebrating all that is the life cycle.

NOTE: Your link on Haiku Wednesday does not work!

carol l mckenna said...

Haiku has powerful message and photo alludes to much ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

PS ~ Fix link on Haiku Sensational as your haiku and poetry are very insightful!

PPS ~ got here in a very circuitous route ~

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Except...the one whose life has ended isn't doing too much celebrating, I should think!


Anonymous said...

Life IS a Celebration ... we just need to remember this gem of truth!

I am personally delighted I am not a commuter ... when I was in graduate school it took me 45 mins to an hour to go a few miles!! YIKES!!
Celebrate Anew

Chèvrefeuille said...

It was very tough to find your weblog. I couldn't reach it on Sensational Haiku Wednesday, but well ... I have found you.
I love the way you have given the theme celebrate a face.
Thank you for sharing.
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