Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Red Kerchief



I wanted an excuse to use this photo;
Ruby Tuesday seemed the time and seemed the place.
So I chose the name Red Kerchief for the toddler
With the rosy, ruddy, happy little face.
I don't know where she's from (maybe Mongolia)
But it's camel-country so that must be sand!
Children and animals, intermixed with laughter
Are things the whole wide world can understand.


It had happened so long ago,
When we were lads in school.
You and I, together, 
Had broken a Golden Rule.
The rule itself escapes me;
A misdemeanour, nothing more,
But we stood in the office together
And the Principal closed the door.
'It was him, sir' I said so glibly;
'I was only passing by'.
It was remarkably easy
To tell a bare-faced lie.
I was an angel-faced youngster,
You hadn't got much charm;
You viewed my lack of loyalty
With horror and alarm.
After you'd had the caning,
We met in the passage-way.
"Sorry, old chap' I said to you;
That was the least I could say.
It was then you fixed me with a gaze
That I will never forget
Saying 'You are going to be sorry
That you and I ever met.
For I'll be tracking you down, my friend;
And one day we will meet
As adults in an adult world,
Just walking down the street.
And you will know that I've found you;
And that retribution's nigh.
Very soon, you will realise
That you are about to die.'
And there you are, behind me;
I feel the proximity;
The age-old look is in your eyes,
A look meant just for me.
Suddenly I am immobile,
Transfixed by awful dread.
Ten years may have passed us by
But you meant just what you said.


Margaret Gosden said...

I don't think I have ever seen a camel laugh, in a pciture, that is!

Gattina said...

How cute !

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I've seen that photo before, but your poem just adds that right, light touch!

Shriveled Red Cactus Fruit

JohnJohn said...

great poem.. cool..=_) visiting from 366 BPC