Monday, May 7, 2012

Brief Encounter

asks us to base our poem on the title of a film.
My choice is so old that few people may remember it. The story concerned two very ordinary people who met on a station platform at intervals and fell in love. She had a dull but very worthy husband to whom she returned; he had a position in Africa to which he, also, returned. It was one of the most moving, heart-rending films I've ever seen. I particularly remember the scene in which the wife was sitting across from her husband, and they were either side of the fire. I think he was asleep in his chair. And her look spoke volumes.


Life is full of brief encounters
Ships that pass in the dead of night,
A hand that's brushed in a careless moment,
A smile that's brief and very slight.
Life is full of lightning flashes,
Blazing, then replaced by black,
Glimpses in a shining window,
Gone when we would wish them back.
Conversations on a platform,
Ended when the train arrives,
Glances caught mid-conversation
Revealing depths in others' lives.
We are ruled by brief encounters,
Some of which we follow-through.
Did we always back a winner?
Did we simply just make-do?
In those moments of nostalgia,
Thinking of the 'might have been',
Do we dream of brief encounters
And do they still live, evergreen?


Two glasses of wine.
What a romantic evening!
Suddenly, you left.

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