Wednesday, May 16, 2012



From day to day we look the same;
No sign of age approaching,
And yet, in a nasty sneaky way,
The signs are fast encroaching.
No creams or potions, needles, knives
Can stop the steady changing,
The way in which our once-young face
Is, oddly, rearranging.
We show someone a photograph ,
Taken in years gone by
And the friend says 'Gosh! Is that really you?'
And we're left to wonder why!

 Late For School Clip Art
(A poem for Children)

'It's Rick and Ruby, Teacher!
Look! They're late again!
I bet they've been playing truant
Down in Raspberry Lane!'
The goody-goody children,
Were happy to declare
That, when the work had been given out,
The two had not been there!
The Teacher spoke quite sternly;
'For a punishment' she declared,
'You must say what you've done this-morning,
Your adventure must be shared.'
Said Rick 'We saw a lizard,
Hiding underneath a stone!
And then we saw some fallen leaves
That the wind had blown.
We blew a dandelion clock,
And climbed a little tree,
And then we watched the antics
Of a furry bumble-bee.'
Then Ruby, who was younger,
Said 'I watched the clouds float by;
I lay in the long grass on my back
And looked up at the sky.
We saw the farmer ploughing
In the meadow by the stream,
We looked at little fishes
And saw their bright scales gleam.'
Said the Teacher 'Enough of punishment!
Enough of all this talk!
Stop what you're doing, children!
We're going for a walk!'


Roger Owen Green said...

very profoundly displayed

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Gattina said...

The from toddler to grandma pictures are really nice !
ABC Wednesday Team