Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making Plans


(Harry is actually helping me to write this! He is very nearly eight years old)

Harry, my grandson, is helping me
To write a poem about the sea.
He's standing here, right by my side,
Because, you see, he's mystified!
'Why write poems?' he says to me!
He's as puzzled as he can be.
'It's my hobby' I reply;
'I'll do it until the day I die!
You play soccer! And cricket too!
And those hobbies mean a lot to you.
I write poems because, for me,
They're part of my personality.
But let's get back to this picture here!
What this lady is doing is not quite clear.
But we think, in her imagination,
She's picturing a situation!
Her grandsons would like this shining sea!
(She has grandsons just like me!)
She's imagining a sunny day
When both her grandsons come to stay.
She has a picnic in her mind;
One of a grand-sunny kind.'
Thank you, Harry; you've helped a lot!
This poem has really hit the spot!


He turns the key!
What will he see
Inside the Yellow Room?
What fiends from Hell
Will sound his knell,
Rising up in the gloom?
The floor-plan shows
Neat rooms in rows;
Has he chosen the right one?
Will he survive
And come out alive
When this adventure's done?

1 comment:

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I love the idea of a grand-sunny day, Brenda!
And I've always loved mystery novels.