Monday, May 28, 2012




I sit here at my window;
The dusk is drawing down.
The lights are twinkling yonder
In the tantalising town.
My mother treats me as a child,
With no motives of my own!
But I feel like a woman
Already fully grown!
Nanny's gone to bed next door;
Her night-light has been lit.
'Bed at nine!' says Nanny
'And that's the end of it'.
Beyond her room's the guest-room
And guess who is in there!
It's my cousin, Anthony......
The answer to a prayer!
Last year he was a little boy
When he came to stay,
But he didn't act like a little boy
In the rose-garden today!
We've planned to meet at ten o'clock,
By then it will be night.
I've never been out late before
But he says we'll be all right.
He says he has adventures planned!
And I can hardly wait!
Oh dusk, oh dusk, be dimming!
Why! It's only half past eight.


Oh dammit! I've lost them again!
The instructions on how to get back!
I'm terribly sorry!
They were lost in this quarry
And I'm going to end up with the sack!

We'll be stuck up on Mars for all time!
Just because I was careless again!
In our tractors and trucks,
We are just sitting ducks
For those damnable Little Green Men!


Brian Miller said...

well that might be an intersting escapade you know...smiles...dusk is a rather magical time...though i would watch boys that dont act like boys...smiles.

Kathe W. said...

oh ho so clever! Love both- altho the lost on Mars gave me a few more giggles!

Little Nell said...

Naughty Anthony, what has he got planned?

Cathy said...

Very nice. Captures the mood of that age well.

Silent Otto said...

Has a dream like quality , R-squared, thanks .

Helen said...

Oh dear, are we talking kissing cousins?

Tess Kincaid said...

Lovely dusky memories...

Jinksy said...

I do hope she managed to stay awake! LOL