Saturday, May 12, 2012

Full Moon

                   Local Press photos



What a curious title, when there's nary a moon in sight!
Ah, but do you remember, a while ago, when the moon was extra-bright?
The Super Moon they called it, as it floated in the sky,
Not so far away as usual, in fact it seemed nearby.
Our skies were black and cloudless and our view was unsurpassed
So we had a really wonderful view, though other skies were overcast.
I tried to take a photo but I'm just an amateur 
And my resulting pictures were a disappointing blur.
Since then I've seen magical photos, which have captured the lovely scene,
In newspapers  and magazines and up on the TV screen.
But these newspaper pictures are  different, the moon is not displayed.
I thought I'd show a picture of a difference that it made.
High tides were predicted and, for sure, they came to be.
Here we see our local baths inundated by the sea.
Our Winter swimmers, the Mackerals, were battered by the waves
And I believe that they suffered some terribly close-shaves.
All because of that strange thing we know as gravity
And a moon that is pulling, pulling the wild waves of the sea!

The coal ships ignore it.


I don't want to be a meanie,
But I think a Pink Pig beanie
Is a little overdone,
Though it may be lots of fun!
It has a sideways smirk
That says 'This man's a jerk!'
And he must have lots of hassles
With people pulling tassles.
The model looks quite male
But, quite honestly, I fail
To understand a wig
Masquerading as a pig.
It must be a mass of hair
That he has stuffed in there!
For the part that is Pink Pig
Looks bulbous and quite big!
I'd like to know the history
Of this sartorial mystery.

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