Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time to Say Goodbye


This is the final presentation from this blog. It has been one of my favourites but, as I know, blogs come and go. The quote is from the famous Italian song 'Partiro'

Are you sure it's time to say goodbye?
Some of us are wondering why.
Your prompts have given so much pleasure
Filling-up our hours of leisure.
So numbers dwindle! That is sad,
But think of the good times that we've had.
Quality over quantity counts
And we've got the former in large amounts.
I've seen other blogs fade and die,
Off to Dead-Blog Heaven in the sky.
But I thought yours' was more robust!
It seems that life is most unjust!
Of course, I know what you're going to say.......
'If you really feel that way
Start a similar meme yourself!
Take the books down off the shelf,
Pick a phrase and off you go!'
But there's more to it as you clearly know!
I could 'pick a phrase' quite easily;
It's the Linky business that stymies me!
So, because I am inept,
I feel must just accept
That this is 'Carry On's' last hurrah
And hitch myself to some other star.
All I can say is 'I wont forget you
And I am very glad I've met you.'

                                      Brenda Bryant

The quote;  A photograph is the pause button of life. 
A photograph can capture Time
And make it last for ever;
Making a link in the chain of life
That passing years can't sever.
It pauses life for an instant,
And captures ones emotion;
The smell, the feel, the memory
Of a ship sailing the ocean.
The sun goes down a billion times,
As year gives way to year,
But only this sun, this eventide
Is preserved for ever here.
'The pause-button of life', they say,
A blessed preservation,
A hint of immortality,
And crystalised creation.
It's Mothers' Day here in Australia. My daughter sent me a greeting, and this old photo was attached. I'd forgotten all about it so it was a great thrill to get it. As Rebecca points out, Greg is also in the photo. He's the bulge!



Kranky Granny said...

Your news has left me teary eyed. I will miss my visits here.

keiths ramblings said...

Thanks so much for your lovely words about Carry On Tuesday. You were the one contributor I could always rely on being there!

Tarang Sinha said...

Excellent take on the prompt! Poignant:)

Mary said...

Great poem in response to Keith's announcement. I had a few words at his site...but no poem. I still might do one!

gautami tripathy said...

You couldn't have said it better...!!

conversing with the fire

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm sure Keith appreciates your words. However, I, like you, hope he reconsiders.

Time to Say Good-Bye

Asni/awalkinmyheart said...

Very well expressed. Hope that they will carry on. I'm new here and just heard about them last night through another blog.

Belva Rae Staples said...

This is a wonderful tribute to Carry on Tuesday! I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he decided to reconsider after reading it.

PattiKen said...

Beautiful and elegant tribute to Carry On, Brenda. And I really liked your piece on photographs. It's lovely that your daughter sent yoiu the photo. I'm sure that means she cherishes it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute to a great meme!!

Visiting from Carry On Tuesday

George S Batty said...

I always enjoyed your rhymes but have been off into other trials and tribulations for the past several months. glad I came back to catch this one. I was also glad that I could help cajole Kieth into continuing...Old Grizz...posting this week from my poetry site