Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Indian Summer



This was the view I saw today. The weather was divine.
All through the days of summer the sun just refused to shine.
But May has been stupendous, summer weather every day,
 Though winter and its rigours are only weeks away.
This is Caves Beach, New South Wales, the choir went there to sing,
And all the world seemed happy to hear our carolling!
We used to take the children to Caves Beach, long go,
But it's years since I have been there, how long I don't know.
Back then, and it must be thirty years, it was a modest little place,
But now it's become up-market, with a very different face.
I suppose I should mourn the passing of a bit of history
But Caves Beach is still delightful, or so it seems to me.

                                     Carmen Browne
(A Poem for Children)

Crabbity, Crabbity, wave your claws.
I'm in my world, you're in yours.
You breathe water, I breathe air,
I'm up here and you're down there.
Crabbity, Crabbity, is it cool
Way down there in your little pool?
Do you sometimes swim to big dark caves
Way. way under the rolling waves?
Crabbity, Crabbity, do you wish
That you were a little silvery fish?
Or do you wish you could leave the sea
And be a little boy like me?
I spoke of the choir singing at Caves Beach in the first poem above. Well, here we are in full voice.
Jan was performing for 'Sadie, the Cleaning Lady.'
I 'did' some poems. (I was having a bit of trouble with my scarf too!)


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

send us some of your Indian summer, we are freezing here.

Kim, USA said...

Great post. I did not know there is an Indian summer...currently I am here in the Philippines and it's summer here too. ^_^

Kim, MI

Inviting you to join Water World Wednesday

Karen said...

A great view!