Sunday, May 6, 2012

Victorian Tantrum

Note: I have started writing a diary about my present experiences with skin-cancer surgery. I know these accounts will not be suitable for Rinkly Rimes, but I also know shared-experience blogs can be very helpful. The diary can be found at

asks for a VERY short story.


Little Miss  Maddy,
Has a paddy.
Won't play her new violin.
Throws it into the bin!
Mama shouts, in a lather,
 'You wait! I'lI tell father!'
(140 characters)


We're all on a road to nowhere;
Step up and join the parade.
Get in line one behind the other
And do not be afraid.
What if the journey's pointless,
And ends in a hard brick wall?
What if that distant horizon
Isn't even there at all?
What if that sun in the heaven
Can never be made to shine?
What if we'll never find that place
Where the weather is always fine?
Set out on the journey
As though on a holiday.
You're sure to pick some flowers
That are growing by the way.

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