Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Duel

supplied the illustration

'Ah!' said the Atom, 'You shine too brightly;
You're clinging to pre-eminence tightly.
You've dominated since the Creation,
Overseeing the situation.
Everything comes, they say, from you,
There's no end to what your power can do.
But Man released me from non-existence!
I am rewarding his great persistance
By trying to destroy you, Sun!
I'll vanquish the lot! Won't that be fun!
The genie is out of the bottle now
I'll have my way though I don't know how.'
'Try as you may' said the sun, in return,
'Though you shrivel the earth I still will burn.'
(100 words)

                      Brenda Bryant

'It isn't fair!' said the seagull. floating on the great wide lake,
'Just look at that magnificent bill! Like a sword, for goodness sake!
And look at those wing-feathers! So rich! So fine! So black!
Mine are little grey things lying flat upon my back!
That neck! It's almost like a swan's! Look at that elegant curve!
I'd really like to speak to him but I haven't got the nerve!
His shadow on the water could almost be that of an eagle!
I'm sure he's stolen my shadow from me! I wonder if that's legal!

I know I'm not so beautiful and I do try not to care.

But not to have even a shadow! 

Life certainly isn't fair!'


Judie said...

Bren, once again, you have outdone yourself. What an incredible mind you have. In my next life, I want to be just like you.

rmannell said...

Nice take on the prompt. The sun will burn on after the Earth is lifeless yet it too will one day cool and grow cold. The pity would be if humans pushed the Earth too far too soon. :)

anitamombanita said...

Your take on mrs Jenny's prompt is awesome. Love it.

Jo said...

Brenda ... your writing is some i look forward too every week. I absolutely adored your offerings this week!

21 Wits said...

Seagulls are just so darn smart and cute! Great centus!

Margaret Gosden said...

ENVY: Lovely photo - I think the seagull had its eye on
that morsel of food in that useful looking beak!

Jenny said...

My husband and I kept saying that it seemed like what an atomic bomb would look like!

I see you had that impression, too!

Your frightening words and Ross's comment really makes me think.


This was powerful.