Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Chair

supplied the illustration


He always demanded to 'take the chair' whenever there were meetings.
He dominated everyone.We learned about the cheatings,
The devious machinations  and the frauds he perpetrated
After his death, when his tenure was finally debated.
With his boardroom beard and shiny pate he always held the floor.
He could modulate his cultured voice to a whisper or a roar.
With meat-plate hands and piercing eyes he allowed no argument.
'I have the chair!' he'd bellow, and we all knew what that meant!
Many a reputation he had carefully destroyed.
We all knew we had cause to quake when he shouted 'I'm annoyed!'
Never was any man hated so much and for so long!
He thought his memory'd be revered but he was very wrong.
We stole his heart from the mortuary, where his stiffening body was laid
And we buried it in the statue that was soon designed and made.
He's seen as 'taking the chair' indeed, looking more alive than dead,
And everyone stands around and laughs when the birds poo on his head!

All people sing around the world,
But they all sing different songs,
Warbling away about the land
 In which each group belongs.
National anthems for each spot,
Are belted out with zest,
In praise of the little bit of dirt
Each group considers best.
They sing in different languages,
They adhere to different creeds;
They have their different customs
And they have their different needs.
Even singing all together
In a great almighty choir,
They'd still all be at loggerheads;
Self-interest would inspire.
The Tower of Babel once was built;
We live in it today,
And, far into the future,
We'll go on the same way.
I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony,
But I haven't got a hope in hell
As far as  can see.

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Kathe W. said...

HAH! you and I saw this image the same way! Cheers!