Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is It My Mind?

Note: I have started writing a diary about my present experiences with skin-cancer surgery. I know these accounts will not be suitable for Rinkly Rimes, but I also know shared-experience blogs can be very helpful. The diary can be found at



When I was young 'such things', my dear, were utterly unknown.
It was the nineteen-fifties, and I was not alone.
It was 'the age of innocence' and everything was pure
(Though boring, hypocritical and false as well, for sure.)
I was nearly twenty before I realised
That there were certain gentlemen who were predators, disguised!
'Certain things' were never mentioned, our ignorance was vast,
But I've learned a bit along the way; I'm wordly-wise at last.
Had I seen this cover in my youth I wouldn't have turned a hair.
I'd have registered 'Beethoven' with his musical gifts to share.
I'd have registered 'yellow shirt' (that's how it fits this meme!).
'A whimsical illustration'......that's how I'd have seen the theme.
But don't you think there's something rather spooky about the pose?
Something not quite air-brushed by the quaint old-fashioned clothes?
Was it done on purpose...the way it was designed?
Or am I a sick old lady with a rather nasty mind?


Alfred Bates got married, though he was ninety-eight,
And everyone was eager to hear about his mate.
'Is she good-looking? said Charlie; 'I bet she's quite a dish.'
'No she isn't' said Alfred; 'She's something like a fish.'
'Well, then, she must be loaded' said Charlie; ' Has she got a house?'
'Nope' responded Alfred; 'She's poor as a church mouse.'
'Then' said Charlie, persisting, 'Her cooking must be great.'
'Not at all' said Alfred 'I'd rather eat the plate.'
When Charlie still looked  puzzled Alfred finally said 'You see
She's still got a driving-licence. That's good enough for me.'

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