Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pink Pearls



Usually reserved for human girls,
Here's a string of expensive pearls.
Little Puppy, what do you think
Of these little stones that are coloured pink?
I have to say you look quite sweet,
Folding your little furry feet
And gazing with such big brown eyes,
 So solemn and so very wise.
Dogs in dresses I disdain;
Bonnets and bibs must cause them pain.
Pooches wearing fancy dress
Must be feeling such distress.
This little thing may feel dismayed
At all the fuss that's being made,
But there's no mockery intended.
The humans feel she is befriended.
What's the name of this little girl?
 Without a doubt it must be........... Pearl.


Just a TV Studio, but, when we're passing by,
We see the glass reflecting the blueness of the sky.
A cloud floats above the entrance, and trees are in silhouette,
While the blue on blue on blue is as blue as it can get.
We are asked to look-out for a girl in her early teens with an unusual right eye. See the black streak? This girl was abducted some  years ago and she could be anywhere in the world now. Her name is Madeleine McCann. You never know.....she may be standing by you in the check-out lane somewhere. Keep an eye open for her eye!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Such a fancy dog!

The story of the little girl...oh my. What a nightmare for everyone who loves her.