Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Loch Lomondish

supplied the photo

(You know the tune!)

Ye'll tak the high road
And I'll tak the low road,
And we'll be divorced by the morning.
I'm off to my true love;
I can't wait to be free.
Just remember, I gave you due warning!

Your cars on the bridge now
And speeding away now
A bright day of freedom is dawning.
For I've found a new love
Who's going to cherish me.
Just remember, I gave you due warning!


'I've had a terrible time!' said Ben,
(He was looking rather queasy!)
'Now I know why adults say
'Life wasn't meant to be easy!'
He looked pathetic, down-in-the-mouth,
And really quite dejected.
When I asked him' What's the matter, old chap?'
His reply was not expected.
'First it was Tonsillitis,
Then Asthma was the next,
By the time I got  Kyphosis
I was really really vexed!
Then what should arrive but Psoriasis!
Then Glaucoma reared its head!
Hypothermia really
Made me wish that I were dead!'
'My poor old chap!' I said then.
'Your life has been so tough
It's easy to see that you're feeling
That you have had enough!
What is your doctor suggesting?
Surely you need bed-rest!'
Said Ben 'And how will a doctor help me
Get through a Spelling Test?'

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Kathe W. said...

hee hee like minds indeed- yours was way more clever than mine!