Monday, May 7, 2012

The Artist's Eye

Note: I have started writing a diary about my present experiences with skin-cancer surgery. I know these accounts will not be suitable for Rinkly Rimes, but I also know shared-experience blogs can be very helpful. The diary can be found at

                                   Brett Whitely



I wish I had an artist's eye
Able to view the world awry,
Able to paint a different view,
Able to see the world askew.
I wish I had an artist's brain,
Able to set new thoughts in train,
Able to give a different slant
On things that are and things that aren't.
Brett Whitely, held in high renown,
Painted this picture of our town.
It's recognisable it's true
And yet is a novel view.
He's made a totally new design
With a swirl of colour and a swipe of line.
Newcastle Harbour and Breakwater

Here's the reality, from the sky,
As captured by a camera's eye.

And here is a self-portrait too.
He clearly liked the colour blue!


(An Acrostic)

Energy that zips and flashes,
Likely to singe us all to ashes!
Enter here at your own risk!
Consider your exit may be brisk!
The white-hot heat will surge right through you!
Radiant heat will quite undo you!
If you tamper with this lock
Consider the electric shock!
Idiots may think they're smart;
Tampering with locks their chosen art.
You and I are much too clever.
Disobey this notice? Never!


Lyn (chimra66) said...

Hello there. I love the Electricity poem format. It is one I've wanted to try along with a couple of other types. You do really good work. I want to get some ideas to change up my format and try out some different styles too. :-) Very nice.

Unknown said...

Your ode to the artist is wonderful. As always, your rhyme and meter are impeccable, but the message in this one pleased me immensely.