Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Pendant

                                                                         Matthew Russell

requests a haiku on the subject of astronomy


Pendant in the sky
A vision gone yet still seen
Miracle of time


Life today is regulated,
Thought about and litigated.
Should these youngsters chance to fall,
From the tree-tops, waving tall,
As they swing from limb to limb,
'Authority' would look quite grim.
True, there's danger, but that's life.
They could, indeed, get into strife.
Hence the 'bonnets', of bright blue,
No doubt called Hard Hats by you.
Harnesses as well there are
So they can't fall very far.
They'll have a great time, there's no doubt,
Learning what height is all about.
But, in my youth, when life was freer,
We didn't have an overseer.
'Go and play' the parents said
And we'd return in time for bed!
I didn't climb; I wasn't tough,
Never adventurous enough.
But I knew boys who'd climb up trees
Easily as high as these!
There'd be falls and cut and gashes,
Bruises, stinging-nettle rashes...
No-one died, as I recall
And everybody had a ball!
What intrigues me, in this regard,
Is, though we labour, very hard,
To keep our children safe and well,
Inside a little protective shell,
We'll be sending them out into 'real life'
Ill-equipped for coming strife!
The crashing cars, the drug addictions,
The many other world afflictions!
When all the supervision's gone
Let's hope they keep their Hard Hats on!



Chèvrefeuille said...

this is a wonderful haiku and i think that the shooting star for sure will come if you look longer.
thank you for being part of this haiku meme.

Vinay Leo R. said...

But for a moment
The pendant seems so priceless
Valued miracle

A shooting pendant.. very intriguing imagery, RR :)