Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Words

asks us to write a VERY short story about this picture


'Grandpa! When  I am old as you
Will I look very peculiar too?'
'You little brat! Suck on your dummy!
Or else I will hand you back to Mummy!'
(140 characters)

A Free Spirit with a Limpit! I don't care for your chances!
Taurus wedded to the home while Gemini spins and dances!
Gemini is spontanious, Taurus likes routine.
Taurus loves the tried and true, Gemini a change of scene.
While Taurus yearns for hearth and home, and everything secure,
Gemini's galivanting! How can their love endure?
For sure it's love right at the start, in spite of differing modes;
Your love-life is tremendous! The energy explodes!
Taurus loves to flatter and Gemini loves flattery,
While Gemini's bubbly, flighty ways re-charge the Taurus battery.
But Taurus is a jealous beast, too soon the eyes turn green,
'Outgoing' now becomes 'untrue'. Where has Gemini been?
Taurus tries some pinning-down, with little gifts and things,
But Gemini is restless; 'Don't try to clip my wings!'
Offer Gemini possessions, and there wont be a reaction;
While Taurus feels that married life brings ultimate satisfaction.
Taurus offers life-long love. Gemini says 'What for?'
And before you can say 'Jack Robinson!'
Gemini's out the door!


Grandma`s Goulash said...

I'm glad that most babies can't tell us what they are thinking! Clever.

Pat said...

Oh, such candor from the mouths of babes. I've been told by a 5-year-old, "You look really old." I replied, "I am really old" and that topic of conversation was over.