Saturday, May 12, 2012

Edward Lear

reminds us that it is 'Edward Lear Day'.

My friend, Margaret, will like this poem...... because it's short!


There once was a poet called Lear
Who said ' I've a crazy idea!
Let us make poems brief!
We said 'What a relief!
For some of them last a whole year!'

Newcastle's special dog beach.


It's good to know that there's a place
Where dogs can bark and sniff and race,
And yap and roll each other over,
And answer if someone shouts 'Rover!'
It's good to know they can get up speed
Released from that all-constraining lead.
It's good to see them running free,
In and out of the splashy sea.
And, should one chance to meet a mate
Of either sex, it must be great
To show that interest. Simply spiffing!
All that nuzzling, all that sniffing!
As for the humans hanging round,
Their agenda is also sound.
'Get yourself a dog'  they say
'If you're hoping love will come your way'.
Many a really great romance
Has started with a sidelong glance
And a timid question 'What's the breed?'
Sometimes that is all you need.
Love is never out of reach
When you're romping on a doggy beach.

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