Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Not Me!



It's a danger as we age,
The lapse into querulousness;
The 'sorry for herself' disease,
Senile unhappiness.
Of course we've got arthritis!
Of course our eyes are dim!
Of course we can't hear very well.
But our lives aren't totally grim.
We'll alienate our children
If we spend our time complaining.
We've abdicated the throne now;
It is they who're reigning.
'Always  look on the bright side'
Is a comical retort,
But, to stamp on querulousness,
Think something of the sort.


'Oh what attractive ornaments!' I'm sure I hear you say!
'They'd look so charming hanging on the wall!'
But these are not attractive items, not in any way.
And they're not for buying in your shopping-mall.
They're knuckle-dusters, weapons that are favoured by 'the mob',
Street-fighters like to use them in a brawl.
Any punch can be a killer as they do a lethal job,
And with broken bones a victim's bound to fall!
Put the fingers through the holes and you're armed up to the hilt,
If you've ill-intent you've got the wherewithall!
You can smash another's face in and feel not one bit of guilt!
And just the thought of it makes my skin crawl!


Roger Owen Green said...

some younger folks are querulous too!


Stewart M said...

Hi there - thanks for the visit - I'm not sure about your choice of mushrooms for the pot, but there you are.

The poem made me smile!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Janice said...

Very enjoyable. Querulous is a great word! Love your rhymes.

Fun60 said...

Thanks for your comments. I am planning many more adventures in my seventies!Loved your poem. Querulous - great word to describe my late mother-in-law.