Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Blue Bear



Surely it would make you stare
If you suddenly saw a big blue bear
Leaning up against the glass,
Towering over folk that pass!
If you walked between his feet
It would be like walking down a street!
If you looked from inside out
For a moment you would doubt
The brilliant colour and the size
And think your eyes were telling lies!
But if you happened to live next door
You'd say 'Ho hum! That bear's a bore!
I see it morning, noon and night,
And I find it a very humdrum sight.
See one blue bear you've seen them all,
Even if it's very tall.'
The impact comes in the very first viewing,
When wondering what a bear is doing.
Human beings get quite blase
When faced with things day after day.
They hanker after the new and brash
That arrives with drums and a lightening flash.
I bet the locals view this bear
And never even turn a hair!
If visitors say 'My word! What's that?'
They reply ' A blue bear. It's old hat.'
So it is with all Blue Bears
And novelties such as Love Affairs.


Pink bedrooms fascinate me (also they don't appeal)
But the question that I'm asking is 'How does the male sex feel?'
I know if I were invited into a macho pad,
(Which, at eighty, just won't happen and that makes me sort of glad),
I'd be 'put-off' the whole excursion if the bed was like a car
And the walls were liberally pasted with a busty movie star,
If the sheets were patterned with golf-balls, and the curtains motor-bikes,
And the whole room reeked of perfumes which only the male-sex likes.
(I refer to Eau de Petrol, and Essence of Garden Shed
And the unmistakable fragrance of a rarely made-up bed.)
Now boudoir-colour is pretty pink, with hints of purply-mauve,
And little itsy-bitsy things from some girlie fairy-grove.
There are roses on the wall-paper and the sheets are palest pink
And the wind-chimes in the corner give a feminine little chink.
There are tinsy bits of underthings thrown casually on a chair.
(I'd try that too, but oh my dear, you should see my underwear!)
There's perfume sprayed on everything, all of it flower-based,
And nothing flowery-bowery is allowed to go to waste.
Now, does a male delight in this? Does it make him feel more male?
Or does the pretty-pinkness make him shudder and turn-tail?
"An unnecessary question!" ( My readers speak on cue.)
"Anything at all will do!
 He's not looking at the view!'

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Kay L. Davies said...

You're brilliant, Brenda. I love "Essence of Garden Shed" and "flowery-bowery"! Keep up the good work.