Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tenuous Link

Lily 20.5.12.jpg

(For Trevor)

I'd like to be related to this gorgeous little tot,
But, though it hurts to say it, I fear that I am not!
Little Lily's great-grandfather is Mr Tucker's son,
A fact which wont mean much at all, when all is said and done!
Mr and Mrs Tucker took me in in 1943
When I was that historic thing, a Wartime Evacuee.
Trevor, who was son and heir, is the great-grandfather of Lily!
He was fourteen, I was twelve, both of us young and silly.
But Trevor went on to have Isobel and Isobel had a son,
And Isobel's David is the father of this gorgeous little one.
So let's count the generations from Mr Tucker to now........
Five generations of Tuckers are able to take a bow.
Compared with the Queen with eleven P.M.s, five doesn't sound like much.
But this is the reward you get if you spend life 'keeping in touch'.
First it was letters, then telephone calls, then tapes , which now are dated;
 I'm sure any genealogist would say that I'm related!


You look so lovely, darling; I love that windswept look!
Let me take another one to stick in my memory book!
Now say 'Cheese!'. That's gorgeous. I'm a sucker for your smile.
So sweet! So warm! So simpering! Oh how you do beguile!
Don't worry about waves, dear; they're still a long way out.
Oh bother! Here's a big one........................

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