Wednesday, May 2, 2012



Letter 'P'


See the mighty river flowing past the mountain peaks,
Flowing to the ocean which each mighty river seeks!
See the craggy mountains and the caverns way below!
From up here in the aircraft we can see the river's flow!
We're much too high to see the river traffic floating past!
Surely there I spy a swimmer! And, maybe there, a mast!
The river's flowing strongly till it meets the open sea
Where it will merge with other rivers, wild and rough and free!
Sorry to disappoint you! This is just a little stream!
Sometimes, with photography things aren't quite what they seem!
This is just the overflow from my local swimming pool,
Running back into the sea, salty, fresh and cool.
With one step I'd get across it! It's so shallow I could stride,
Barely up to my ankles, across to the other side!
Sometimes, even on our own., playing games is fun;
'Let's Pretend' for adults! Good for everyone!


"What an example of modernity!
Surely it will last for eternity!"
That's what we said when this TV
Displayed itself to you and me!
"What lines!" we said,."What thrilling dials".
Our faces creased in delighted smiles!
The little picture in black and white,
Flickered away, now dark, now light.
We viewed it feeling quite ecstatic;
It's influence was so dramatic!
"Surely this won't be surpassed!
This invention must be the last!"
We prided ourselves on belonging to
The generation making such a coup!
But look at it now. The word is 'quaint';
Up-to-date is what it ain't.
What are we thrilling to today?
What new gadgets have come our way?
And how decrepit will they appear
Even as early as this time next year?
As to ten years down the track!
All our 'stuff' will have got the sack!
Museum pieces they will be
Along with you, and along with me!


Maude Lynn said...

That first piece is so clever! I never would have thought of that.

Lady In Read said...

loved both of them in todays post - pretending and once upon a time... :) i would surely love pretending to be a might river....(when i am but a stream)..

Kay L. Davies said...

I think I like "pretending" I'll never be a museum piece, but the fact is, many things from my childhood are now in museums. It makes me want to stay out of museums.

Hildred said...

Love your verses, - and sometimes I love pretending too, - as long as it doesn't get too far from reality.

Roger Owen Green said...

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Gattina said...

Very nice post about P !
ABC Wednesday team