Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Treasure Hunt



These items are on the circuit, going round and round,
A sort of hurdy-gurdy of being lost and found.
Did Grandma give you that pink vase? Well, sell it at the fete;
Though you are growing tired of it somebody else can't wait
To add it to their collection! They'll think it such a find!
And you are very certain that your Grandma wouldn't mind.
But when you come back next year, as you are sure to do,
You'll find your pink vase is for sale and standing in full view.
Maybe you'll buy it back again; you have a conscience now.
Last year's buyer had no taste. You'll buy it anyhow. 
Your conscience may be pricking you.....poor Grandma, poor old thing!
You'll put some flowers in it when they blossom in the Spring.
But what's the betting you'll be back, donating it next year?
It's on the hurdy-gurdy! How often will it appear?

From an opening line 'donated' by Mad Kane

A woman went out on a date
With a man who used bank-notes as bait.
When she found they weren't real
She said 'You are a heel!
I won't speak to you, let alone mate!'

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Jenny said...

Hurdy gurdy of lost and found.


Love that line.