Tuesday, May 22, 2012



A fellow who tried to persuade
His girl-friend to stop being staid
Was thrilled to the core
When she shouted out 'Sure!'
And took off her clothes and obeyed!


Once, when I was a little lad,
It happened I'd done something bad.
So the Vicar asked me round to tea,
And spoke, with stern sobriety,
About his life as a boy in school
Where he had learned the golden rule.
He told me he'd never picked a quarrel,
Being so utterly, utterly moral.
He said that he would always look
For guidance to the Holy Book.
And, true, I saw it there myself,
Prominent on his shining shelf.
But further along I also found
Another tome, all leather bound.........
If you're going to steal from the library
Don't leave the sticker for all to see!

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