Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waiting For Me

asks for something about 'Home'


I'd lived in many houses, and some had been O.K.
But none of them had affected me in quite that sort of way.
The Real Estate Agent was following and chatting with my son
And he turned to him and whispered 'I'm sure she'll like this one!'
This house cried out 'Welcome!' as soon as we stepped inside!
And I knew I had to have it; I would not be denied!
It's only an urban town-house, squeezed between two more,
With a pocket-handkerchief garden and a little blue front door.
But it has so many features that really caught my eye.......
Two bedrooms both with balconies; we can gaze down from on high;
Four bedrooms in all, one a study, the other one is a spare,
With a bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, for those who may sleep in there.
And under the stairs there's a cupboard, a large one that holds a lot;
And that is really vital considering the junk we've got.
We can walk to the shops and the buses, and, best of all, to the sea
And both our lovely children are in close proximity.
My very, very good fortune is sometimes hard to believe.
The only fly in the ointment........one day we'll have to leave!
The view right. Gum trees, of course.
The view left. A sports field; Rugby Football on Saturdays in winter.
The tiny 'garden', cut-back for winter.

In the Harem

"Women are in league with each other, a secret conspiracy of hearts and pheromones. "
~Camille Paglia

Women are in league with each other; sisters in a world-wide club;
Unlike men who only bond with brothers when they meet them at the pub.
Women may fight and bicker; they often have a really vicious streak;
But one woman understands another; there is no need to speak.
Little girls have 'best friends' when they're children; friendship matters then.
But then comes all the sex-and-babies business and they merge with the world of men.
But soon they reach old age, 'the sunny uplands',  and, once more, they realise
That their 'girl-friends' are what makes the world keep turning; to have friends is to win the prize.
These ladies in the harem are all bonding, though they're not swapping recipes!
Throughout history we woman have been 'in league', and oh what a boon that is!

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Margaret Gosden said...

Your home is beautiful - I missed this post with the
presumably little updated garden. I hope you can find a way to stay as long as is practical!