Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Story-Teller

The Wordle

we have to use all the words in blue


I wish I'd been a story-teller in ancient days of yore,
When people begged to hear a tale that they had heard before.
I'd sit on a mountain summit while people gathered round,
Not in the least complaining as they sat on stony ground.
I'd talk of a sacred goddess and her rituals and stuff
And all the indigenous listeners would never get enough.
So then I'd speak of demons and their horrible intentions
And, after I'd elaborated they'd shout their apprehensions!
The significance of my visit would spread throughout the land
And I would be invited back and always in demand.
They'd string up flags to welcome me, they'd raise a mighty cheer,
Saying 'Here comes the Teller of Stories. He's always welcome here!'
But alas, alack, those days have gone! There's nothing left for me
But to join the other goggle-eyes and simply watch TV.


When your hair has turned to silver
And the summer breezes blow
Off you float on the summer air!
What a way to go! 
Glinting in the sunbeams,
Fading out of sight,
Twinkling, even as you fade
Into never-ending night.


Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Wonderful thoughts.

Darryl and Ruth :)

brenda w said...

I'd love to hear the tales as a storyteller you'd tell....

Excellent contribution!

Hannah said...

Love that story-teller... I want to sit on that stony ground and listen. Excellent!!

vivinfrance said...

Rinkly, I was loving this right up to the last two lines, and then you destroyed my hope that real story-telling isn't dead!

Walt Wojtanik said...

RR, A nice romp through the word list and the rhyme lent itself to the storyteller feel of this. A good one!

Misky said...

I felt myself bouncing as I read it. Fun!