Friday, May 25, 2012

Moonlight Serenade



Being married to an old man is OK in its way.
(He opens tricky jars for me almost every day!)
I know his funny foibles, and it's certain he knows mine,
But I find myself thinking of young love when the moon begins to shine!
We were two old  codgers looking out at this moonlit scene,
With the clouds in drifting splendour and the sea with a metal sheen;
With the distant street-lights twinkling and the sea-air soft and sweet.
And both of us said 'How lovely!' But the evening was incomplete.
We needed to be seventeen, with a brand new love in tow,
Someone new and exciting we'd only just got to know.
Then I turned to my husband and he said, as he does, to me
'I think I'll soon be turning-in. Shall I make us a cup of tea?'


Their stage an ordinary blind,
With the light of the setting sun behind.
My study catches the evening sun
Which brilliantly dazzles everyone,
So, after tea, I dim the light
So I can read or type or write.
Memorabilia on the sill
Shows in silhouette until
The sun goes down behind the trees
And I can raise the blind on these
Little ornaments once more,
Seeing them as they were before.
A trinket box, from who knows where,
A ballet dancer with hand in air,
And a baby doll, in a crocheted dress,
A gift that brought me happiness.
All items from an earlier age,
Suddenly acting centre-stage.


Kris McCracken said...

I'll be frank, I'm not sure how I'd go being married to an old man!

Margaret Gosden said...

Moonlight ...that is a lovely photo, which I assume you took!