Wednesday, May 9, 2012


gives us the theme....'Landscape'.


Landscape of Romance
Removed from reality
Bathed in fairy gold


I dreamed I was a sky-writer
Who wrote up in the blue,
Creating cloud-like scribblings.....
Sky-writers often do.
I let rip in my aeroplane
And let the mist spill out
And then I looked both sides of me
And gave a mighty shout!
I wasn't on my own up there!
When did four planes arrive?
For now I had companions!
I was one of five!
We set-about writing music....
We even drew a clef,
We drew five lines to be the stave!
We drew the notes of music,
Crotchets and minims too;
All fashioned by our cleverness
Up there in the shining blue.
And people on the ground looked up
Expecting suns and moons
And all they saw was music,
All they saw were tunes.
And everyone began to sing
With one almighty voice.
Our music in the heavens
Made everyone rejoice.
Yes! I had helped to save the world
With a universal theme.
It was great while it lasted.
But it was just a dream.


Gemma Wiseman said...

Love the idea of your landscape, but especially love the whimsy of music in the sky! What a universal bonding that could be!

carol l mckenna said...

'Bathed in fairy gold' ~ lovely haiku ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Tara Tyler said...

bathed in fairy gold! oh to live in such a landscape!

Karen said...

It's wonderful to be in that fairy gold, even if if doesn't last forever.

michelle said...

I especially loved the picture you painted of an aerial musical landscape, complete with the stave, clefs, notes...
If anything can bring people together, it would have to be music... the universal language!

Anonymous said...

Love "bathed in fairy gold"! :)
Before Our Time

PattiKen said...

Lovely haiku, but I really liked your poetic sky-writing adventure. So much fun.

I found my way to your BreBry blog a while back and have been following your trevails. It looks like you are recovering apace. I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

skywriters change the landscape of the sky

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