Thursday, May 3, 2012


                                    Brenda Bryant



When light is filtered through the clouds
It seems to be more bright,
As though the facets up above
Are multiplying light.
Instead of that round orb above
That blazes in isolation,
A billion little suns are born
Each a dazzling creation.
Light bounces off the water
In countless shining drops,
And glimmers far across the lake
Where it shines upon roof-tops.
It becomes a gauzy curtain
That softens as it gleams,
And everything is shrouded
In a memory of dreams.


We look at an Atlas and know what we see.
The shapes of the countries are plain as can be.
There's Europe, America, then Hindustan!
All part of a terribly obvious plan.
So Italy's shaped like a boot? Well, why not?
For that was the shape that old Italy got
In the days when the boiling mud hardened to rock!
The shapes never give us the tiniest shock.
We're so used to the map and the way it's designed!
We see it as normal; so clearly outlined.
There's an island called Britain up there in the sea
And China is just where that country should be.
But just take a look at the Atlas above,
And see the phenomenon I'm speaking of.
If the oceans had lowered in some other way
Our countries would all look so different today.
But one fact is quite certain! There's just no escaping
The squabbling and fighting and killing and  raping
Would all have gone-on; all the feuding and fuss!
For one thing would still be the same and that's 'us'!


Margaret Gosden said...

I do like the glittery look of your photos! Roll them out!

Unknown said...

Nice capture of the diffusion!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful scene and sky and your poem is wonderful. Happy skywatching!