Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ant Parade

                                  Brenda Bryant


Take a first, then a second glance!
Watch the Great Parade of Ants!
See them walking one by one
Along a metal 'leaf', for fun!
As they go in single file
Folk on pleasure-craft often smile
To see them seemingly diminished
Until their little trek is finished.
Sydney Harbour Bridge stands tall;
They'd be killed if they should fall!
Tied together in a line
They climb and clamber, rain or shine.
Go on! Watch them! Here's a chance
To see human beings as little ants!


From the days of Madame Defarge
The bosses who have been in charge
Have feared the rise of the mob,
Who may murder and pillage and rob.
Marie Antoinette was scared
Of the villains whose teeth were bared,
And the Romanovs fell from power
When the mob stormed their ivory tower.
It's hard to manage a hoard
Of serfs who, with one accord,
Brandish club and stick and knife
And threaten the lordly life.
Can one forbid the sea
From rolling unceasingly?
Can one stop an unstoppable force
Which wants to change history's course?
So it is  in this day and age;
When commoners start to rage
And light fires and attack with stones;
And incite on their mobile phones.
The Despots  may still defend
Their rights to the bitter end,
But finally all must cower
In the face of People Power


21 Wits said...

Oh yes ants...and mob they seem to go together, (to me) rarely does an ant get too far from his brothers!

Jim said...

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