Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Doomed Dress

The Wordle

asks us to use all the words above.  


Mother made it for me, though she couldn't sew too well!
Both of us were desperate for me to be the belle
Of the village hop on Saturday. She gathered in the waist
And on each drooping shoulder some little bows were placed.
She even put hoops in the skirt to make it all stick out!
I'd be utterly sensational we knew  without a doubt! 
Fred was the first to ask me; it was the first time he'd spoken
And I was rather nonplussed by a voice that was half-broken!
When we were dancing his two left feet kept tangling with mine
And then he drank a drop too much of the Vicar's Raspberry wine!
It was all too much! I couldn't quite forgive his bad behaviour!
How I longed for Ernie French to come up and be my saviour!
Then, suddenly, a storm arose! There was a bolt of lightning!
The local dam then burst its banks! I tell you, it was frightening.
Suddenly the church spire topples! Suddenly shallows are deep!
All before I've even had time to tell Fred he is a creep!
Drenched to the skin I drifted home; Mother met me at the gate.
She was dying to hear of my success; yes, she could hardly wait.
I didn't go into causes as I stripped off my regalia.
'Mother!' I said 'It was no good. That new dress was a failure!'


Darkness had already crept into the house;
The sky had just a tender glow of pink.
There, from the landing window, I saw the final glow
Before the sun made up its mind to sink.


Gemma Wiseman said...

O it's wonderful to be reading your vibrant stries in verse again! This one is a delightful twisted tale!

Laurie Kolp said...

Fun narrative... sounds like quite the disaster for the poor girl.

I love the second piece.

Mary said...

Oh, what a delightful tale you wove with the wordle words this time. And yes, of course, one would blame the dress. LOL.

brenda w said...

Oh, this had me in stitches. LOL

Excellent contribution to the whirl this week. Perhaps it was the perfect dress for a date with a creep. :)

barbara said...

alas, the dress.
love the fractured causality

Daydreamertoo said...

Awww what a sad night. A bit like my teens semi prom. She went all dressed up to the nines so that a boy she's sweet on would ask her to dance and, it was such a huge let down for her.
Aww poor girl LOL
Great use of the prompt! :)
Loved your second piece~!

Mike Patrick said...

Oww, Rinkly, the photo set the tone. I was already laughing as I began reading. The laughter increased all the way through. You have a gift.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I am always amazed by your ability to sustain rhyme and meter over the distance, especially when given a random list of words with which to construct something meaningful. I'm delighted with this piece, especially the part about the Vicar's Raspberry Wine. Sounds delicious!

My Whirl

Traci B said...

Sure, blame it on the dress. ;)

Great sense of place and humor in this one. I enjoyed your poem-story.