Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Of Course!


Without having any concrete proof
I'm pretty sure that, painting a roof,
You'd paint it bright and showy red;
Not some other hue instead.
A house that's painted by a child,
And by imagination styled,
Will always be a scarlet shade,
For, after all that's how roofs are made.
I wonder who began the craze
Which certainly wasn't just a phase,
For, after all, as years go by,
We still see them pointing to the sky.
Sometimes we'll see a black or blue
Atop a house that's very new
But, on the whole, it must be said
That a roof is nearly always red. 
Maybe the tiles that first were laid
Were of the local clay-pits shade
And, after a while, the people said
'A roof? Of course it must be red.'
Van Gogh, Cezanne, they all agreed
'A bright red roof is what we need.'


This could be your average shopping-street
But they've turned it into a glade,
Where people can stroll or sit and rest
In the generous green-leaved shade.

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