Monday, October 17, 2011


asks for a very very short story.


So, Suzie's lost her silly bangle!
Oh, how I hated to see it dangle!
See her rushing up the beach!
Now the silly thing is beyond her reach!
 (140 characters)




When we climbed out of the mud and stood so tall,
We proved we were the Masters of it all,
The world was ours to do with as we willed,
Our every wild desire would be fulfilled.
The earth displayed itself in glorious greenery
And we were born the jewel of the scenery.
Then came imagination's shining hour!
We suddenly developed the great power
To dream up Gods and Unicorns and Ghosts
And Fairies, Santa Claus and Heavenly Hosts!
These creatures of the mind now dominate us!
They weave their spells so they can inculcate us!
They loom above us, berating and beguiling,
Promising, threatening, snarling, sometimes smiling.
And human beings, born to be achievers,
Are now a snivelling crowd of True Believers!
Break the glass and let the real world in!
Let Nature smother the silly ghost within!

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Kay L. Davies said...

Little boys sure do like to stomp things, don't they?

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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